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Privacy Policy

With the effect of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU (European Union) on May 25, 2018, the privacy policy of Vixen Co., Ltd. was updated on June 18, 2018.

Since founded in 1949, Vixen Co., Ltd. (hereafter “we” or “our”) has been engaged in development, manufacturing, sales and providing service of optical instruments as a general optical equipment manufacturer based on the philosophy of “creation of impression” and “natural science support company”, handling personal information needed to carry out the business. We regard protection of personal information as the most important matter in business operation and established and maintain the privacy policy for protection of personal information.

①Personal information
“Personal information” is information on individuals as well as information such as name, address, date of birth, age, gender, phone number, family structure, e-mail address, ID, IP address, company, affiliation, address, phone number of workplace, credit card number, bank account number, information on the homepage visited, complaints, consultation or inquiries, while combining one or more of these which can identify a specific individual.

②Purpose of use
We will use your personal information for the following purposes.

(1) To provide this website.
(2) To use as a reference to determine posting and distribution of advertisement, depending on the user’s age, gender, hobby, etc.
(3) To make statistical data such as utility form of users (provided, however, that when preparing the data, data should be so processed that individuals cannot be identified).
(4) To use for improvement and development of this website, figuring out the user’s usage situations.
(5) To deliver confirmation or reply to query on product by e-mail.
(6) To send a notice of result such as contest, campaign and prize, as well as dispatch of goods and reward to questionnaire.
(7) To apply for various services such as events, and to provide information.
(8) To ask for cooperation on survey or participation in various events, and to report the result

③Restriction of use
We will use user’s personal information limited for the above purpose, except as listed below.

(1) In compliance to laws and ordinances.
(2) When it is required for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the individuals.
(3) When it is particularly required to improve public health and promote sound growth of children and it is difficult to obtain consent of the individuals.
(4) In case where it is required to cooperate with governmental organizations, local government or a person who is entrusted by such organization in carrying out the affairs by laws and regulations, and when such affairs is interfered by obtaining the consent of the individuals.

④Acquisition of personal information
We do not acquire user’s personal information by an unlawful manner.

⑤Acquisition notification
When we acquire personal information in a way other than acquisition by the user using this website, we will notify or announce the purpose of use in advance or promptly afterward. Even if the purpose of use is changed, it will be announced on this website.

⑥Management of personal information
We will manage user’s personal information properly and safely.

⑦Outsourcing management
We may entrust handling of acquired personal information. In that case, the trustee will be supervised to properly manage the personal information by concluding necessary contract with the trustee.

⑧Provision of personal information to third parties
In general, we will not provide user’s personal information to third parties without user’s consent, except as listed below.

(1) In cases where a part of this website is entrusted to the extent where is necessary for carrying out entrusted business.
(2) For the purpose of provision of statistical information when collecting or analyzing individual personal information and disclosing its statistical data after processing data into the form where individual cannot be identified.
(3) When consigning sub-contractor, a delivery to users.
(4) When disclosure or provision is accepted by laws.

⑨Disclosure of personal information
We will respond to the disclosure of personal information of individual is requested by user. However, in the following cases, all or part of it may not be disclosed.

(1) When there is a danger of harming the life, body, property or other rights of the user or a third party.
(2) In cases where it will be a serious obstacle to our business performance to respond to the disclosure.
(3) In case of violation of laws and regulations to do so.

⑩Correction of personal information, withdrawal of agreement on acquiring personal information
(1) If we are asked by user to correct or supplement personal information of the user, we will change the personal information upon making sure the individual and the accuracy of the correction and addition.
(2) If the user intends to withdraw an agreement concerning our acquisition of the personal information, the acquired personal information will be deleted upon receiving inquiry while making sure that the user is same with individual of the personal information.

⑪Use of cookie
When user used our service or viewed the pages we provided, we will acquire and record automatically information such as advertisement, pages, application viewed by user, user’s environment, using user’s cookie information or Advertising Identifier (IDFA) provided by Apple Inc., as well as Advertising ID (AAID) by Google Inc., (hereafter “Cookie”). This information is used for improvement of service and optimization of advertisement provision and not intended to identify individual. For purpose of use and usage, please refer to the following.

(1) Recognition of usage and improvement in service We use the Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. for grasping and analyzing the use of our service as reference for providing products suitable for user’s interests and needs. The Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze use of our service. How the Google collects and uses access information is specified by the terms of service of the Google Analytics and the Google Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics terms of service

Google privacy policy

You can disable the Google Analytics by downloading and installing “Google Analytics Optout Browser Add-on” from the following page and changing the add-on settings of the browser.

Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

(2) Indication of advertisement
To optimize the distribution of advertisement, we analyze user’s action history in our service using cookie and may be used for distribution of targeting advertisement which is thought to be of user’s interest and concern. In addition, on our website, targeting advertisements using cookies may be delivered from server of third parties we entrusted. In the case where the third parties are conducting advertisement distribution using cookies, the automatically acquired information is recorded on the server of the third parties and managed under the privacy policy of the third parties.
Please refer to the privacy policy of each company and the procedure of disabling the targeting advertisement from the following pages.

Procedure for disabling the targeting delivery by iOS application

Procedure for disabling the targeting delivery by Android application

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Google, Inc.


Yahoo Japan Corporation

The user can set whether to allow use of cookies or not. However, if you prohibit the use of cookies, you may not be able to use a part of settings and services within the website that required cookies.

In the following cases, we are not responsible for acquiring personal information by a third party.

(1) When the user by himself identified the personal information to a third party by certain means.

Regarding inquiry from information-oriented principal for disclosure, correction, supplement of personal information, complaint and consultation as well as request for withdrawal of agreement on acquisition of personal information, please contact Information desk.

⑭Modification of privacy policy
We may modify all or part of our privacy policy without prior notice. If updated, we will inform you on this website.
For any questions, requests or opinions on this webpage, please contact Information desk.

June 18, 2018 last updated
April 1, 2013 established