Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S

Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S —
Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S
Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S —
Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S


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Mobile soup which can be used even on hand

Adopting an ED lens realizes a high contrast view with less aberration. By adopting an ED (ultra low dispersion glass) lens, we realized a high-contrast field of view with reduced aberration. We recommend observation by visual observation as a lens for super telephoto shot with a camera attached.

Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 52-S Description

  • Adopt ED lens

    ED (ultra low dispersion glass) lens is adopted as an objective lens. The aberration is suppressed at a very high level, and the view with excellent contrast spreads.

  • Super telephoto lens

    By attaching a camera with optional parts, it will be useful for wild bird photography as a super telephoto lens. *The photograph is an image

  • telescopic body

    It is a telescopic body excellent in portability, becoming compact at the time of storage.

  • With sighting

    Aiming projections are equipped on the body side, It helps put the target in view.

  • Sliding hood

    Equipped with a sliding hood useful for backlighting.

  • Eyepiece storage

    You can store the eyepiece on the underside of the body. (Some lenses such as GLH 20 can not be stored)

  • Multi coating

    A multilayer coating of three or more layers is applied to a lens or a prism to realize high contrast.

  • Straight viewing

    Designed with a barrel portion and eyepiece on a straight line.  Easy to find targets, operability when attaching cameras and so on is also excellent.



  • Type
    Straight viewing
  • Objective Lens Diameter
  • Focal length
  • Coating
    Multi coating
  • High × length (the shortest)
    10.2cm × 17.7cm
  • High × length (extended for use)
    10.2cm × 21.7cm
  • Weight


  • hand-holding case (without eyepiece)
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