Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 67-S Set

Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 67-S Set —
Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 67-S Set —


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Adopt ED lens, Direct viewing type with large aperture 67mm with excellent condensing power.

Adopting an ED lens realizes a high contrast view with less aberration. By adopting an ED (ultra low dispersion glass) lens, we realized a high-contrast field of view with reduced aberration. We recommend observation by visual observation as a lens for super telephoto shot with a camera attached.

Vixen Spotting Scope GEOMAⅡ ED 67-S Set Description

  • Adopt ED lens

    ED (ultra low dispersion glass) lens is adopted as an objective lens. The aberration is suppressed at a very high level, and the view with excellent contrast spreads.

  • Dual focus

    Dual focus with second micro-movement fine focus (1:8)

  • aiming sight

    Includes unique built in aiming sight.

  • Perfect Fully Multi coating

    We adopt PFM (Perfect Fully Multi) coat which applied multilayer coating on the whole surface of lens and prism.

  • Rotation mechanism for different viewing angles

    The spotting scope comes with a tripod adapter block with rotation mechanism for different viewing angles or photography.

  • Sliding Lens Shade

    Sliding Lens Shade helps prevent stray light from falling on the lens and improves contrast.

  • Body made of special processed resin (fiber plastic)

    Lightweight and durable body is made of a fiber glass material.

  • Waterproof design

    Nitrogen filled and sealed body for a complete waterproof product usable in all weather.

  • Straight viewing

    Designed with a barrel portion and eyepiece on a straight line.  Easy to find targets, operability when attaching cameras and so on is also excellent.



  • Type
    Straight Through Viewing
  • Objective Lens Diameter
  • Focal length
  • Coating
    Perfect Multi coating
  • Size
    12.0 × 33.0 × 8.5cm
  • Weight
  • Other
    Camera attachable(camera adapter combined use)


  • soft case
  • GLH20D eyepiece
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