Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL20

Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL20 —
Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL20 —


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Eyepiece for Spotting Scopes

This eyepiece is for Vixen Spotting Scopes.


Eyepiece GL20

  • Objective Aperture
    52mm, 67mm, 82mm
  • 14x/52mm, 20x/67mm, 25x/82mm, 27x/82mm(ED)
  • Fully Multi-coated
    Eye Relief
  • 19mm
    Angular Field of View
  • 3.7 degrees/52mm, 2.6 degrees/67mm, 2.1 degrees/82mm, 1.9 degrees/82mm(ED)
    53 degrees/52mm, 67mm & 82mm, 51 degrees/82mm(ED)
  • Field of View at 1000m
    65m/52mm, 45m/67mm, 37m/82mm, 33m/82mm(ED)
  • Exit Pupil
    3.7mm/52mm, 3.4mm/67mm, 3.3mm/82mm, 3.0mm/82mm(ED)
  • Brightness
    13.7/52mm, 11.6/67mm, 10.9/82mm, 9.0/82mm(ED)
  • Close Focus(Close Focus is extended by 8m with photography with a DSLR camera)
    3.6m/52mm, 5m/67mm, 12m/82mm
  • Dimensions: Length x Width
  • Weight
  • Telescope Effect (with 35mm format SLR camera)
    720mm(F13.8)/52mm, 1000mm(F14.9)/67mm, 1400mm(F17.1)/82mm※Camera Adapter G is needed.1080mm(F20.8)/52mm, 1500mm(F22.4)/67mm, 2000mm(F24.4)/82mm※Camera Adapter G and Extension Ring are needed.
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