Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL25 (Wide)

Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL25 (Wide) —
Vixen Spotting Scopes Eyepiece GL25 (Wide) —


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Eyepiece for Spotting Scopes

This eyepiece is for Vixen Spotting Scopes. ※The GL25 (Wide) do not yield wide field of view over 60 degrees in combine with GEOMA II ED 52-S.


Eyepiece GL25 (Wide)

  • Objective Aperture
    52mm, 67mm, 82mm
  • 18x/52mm, 25x/67mm, 31x/82mm, 33x/82mm(ED)
  • Fully Multi-coated
    Eye Relief
  • 13mm
    Angular Field of View
  • 3.2 degrees/52mm, 2.6 degrees/67mm, 2.1 degrees/82mm, 2.0 degrees/82mm(ED)
    58 degrees/52mm, 65 degrees/67mm, 66 degrees/82mm, 51 degrees/82mm(ED)
  • Field of View at 1000m
    56m/52mm, 45m/67mm, 37m/82mm, 35m/82mm(ED)
  • Exit Pupil
    2.9mm/52mm, 2.7mm/67mm, 2.6mm/82mm, 2.5mm/82mm(ED)
  • Brightness
    8.4/52mm, 7.3/67mm, 6.8/82mm, 6.3/82mm(ED)
  • Close Focus(Close Focus is extended by 8m with photography with a DSLR camera)
    3.2m/52mm, 5m/67mm, 13m/82mm
  • Dimensions: Length x Width
  • Weight
  • Telescope Effect (with 35mm format SLR camera)
    1008mm(F19.4)/52mm, 1400mm(F20.9)/67mm, 1900mm(F23.2)/82mm※Camera Adapter G is needed.1440mm(F27.7)/52mm, 2000mm(F29.9)/67mm, 2680mm(F32.7)/82mm※Camera Adapter G and Extension Ring are needed.
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