Discontinued itemsSold OutVixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP

Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP —
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP —
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP
Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP


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Ultimate astronomy binoculars made for watching stars

Adopting an ED lens to suppress sharp bleeding and to capture a sharp star image. High precision BK 7 and special prism with less light absorption are used for the prism. Thorough removal of halation and light loss by applying phase coat and super reflective coat. This binoculars sticking to "looking at the stars".

Vixen Binoculars SG6.5×32 WP Description

  • Easy and comfortable starry sky viewing

    In observation of a starry sky, the astronomical telescope which can see the statue's image brightly and in detail can demonstrate its power. Binoculars are also indispensable tools that you can easily grasp on hand and have a wide range that you can see at one time.

  • A high-quality optical system promising a bright and sharp star image

    The entire lens surface is coated with a special lens coating boasting the same high level of transmittance irrespective of the light wavelength (= color). ED glass is used to eliminate all hints of false color. High reflective silver and dielectric coating on the sub roof prisms product the maximum reflectivity. The roof prisms are phase coated to reduce halation and in crease resolution for clear and high contrast images. The eyepiece is a high eye type securing an eye relief of 20 mm and can be comfortably used even by those wearing glasses.

  • Body design that is easy to hold and hard to cause camera shake

    When looking at the starry sky, you look into binoculars in an upward posture. Binoculars that do not fit nicely in hands makes camera shake more likely to occur. "SG 6.5 × 32 WP" adopts a smooth line design that naturally adapts to the palm of your hand. We can support weight well when held in orientation position.

  • Comfortable function

    For focusing, we adopted "IF method" which focuses independently with right eye and left eye. This prevents left and right out-of-focus that is likely to occur in the "CF method" focusing on the central axis. It is designed so that the pitch of the focus movement becomes finer near the focus position (infinity) of the star, so you can focus more precisely. By adopting the large focus ring, you can operate surely even while gloves are in cold weather etc.

  • Quickly find the star you want to see

    On the side of the body, a linear protrusion was designed parallel to the line of sight direction. This projection can be used as a simple sight. By superimposing this straight line with the star you want to see, you can guide the star to sight smoothly.

  • Water-proof specification safe for night dew

    The body is waterproof with rubber coating and nitrogen gas enclosure, you can use it with confidence even in night dew or sudden rain.


SG6.5x32 WP

  • Magnification
  • Objective lens diameter
  • Prism material
  • Coating
    Flat Multi-coating
  • Angular field of view
  • Apparent FOV
  • FOV at 1000m
  • Exit pupil
  • Brightness
  • Eye relief
  • Close focus
  • Interpupillary distance
    56mm to 76mm
  • Size
    14.0 x 13.2 x 4.8 cm
  • Weight


  • soft case
  • neck strap
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