Vixen Microscope PC-230

Vixen Microscope PC-230 —
Vixen Microscope PC-230 —


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Display and Store Microscopic World on your PC

USB digital microscope capable of observing the micro world from the personal computer screen at 60 times and 230 times magnification. Let's take a look at the microscopic world with your family and friends on the computer screen.

Vixen Microscope PC-230 Description

  • View on PC

    The built-in 2 megapixel CMOS camera allows observing images on PC screen. Magnification is 60 times and 230 times (when using a 17 inch monitor). The detachable camera section permits use by handheld. USB 2.0 compatible cameras are equipped with dimmable LED lights, making it possible to observe in places with insufficient brightness. Since it is displayed on the PC screen, it can be observed at the same time, and it is best for learning purpose.Interval shooting function with shooting interval can be set back. The camera part is detachable, and shooting with hands is also possible.* It corresponds to photography (JPEG maximum 1600 x 1200 pxl), and movie shooting (AVI maximum 640 x 480 pxl). Scale sheet is included which can be used by placed on the stage.

  • Application Software Download

    For Windows (Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista)>>

    After launching the exe file by double clicking it, the installer will be launched, please install according to the guidance.

    For Macintosh (MacOS 10.4.8 or higher)>>

    After double-clicking on the dmg file, the Digital Viewer screen will be displayed. After dragging and dropping the "Digital" icon to the "Applications" folder, install it.Here for User Guidebook


Microscope PC-230

  • Magnifications
    60x, 230x
  • Image Sensor
    CMOS 2M Pixel
  • Shooting Range
    5.6x4.2mm (60x)1.4x1.1mm (230x)
  • Illumination
    White LED x 4-step dimmer
  • Still shooting
    JPEG 1600x1200 (Max)
  • Movie
    AVI 640x480 (Max)
  • Dimensions
    Camera Section: Dia.30x86mmBase: 140x210x2mmCable: 120cm
  • Power supply
    Supplied via USB
  • Overall dimensions
  • Weight

PC Requirement

  • Compatible Operating System
    WindowsR8.1/8/7/Vista/MacOS10.4.8 or above
  • CPU Speed
    P4-1.8GHz or above, PowerPC G3/G4/G5 or Intel based
  • RAM
    Windows 512MB or above, MacOSX 128MB or above
  • Hard Disk
    800MB or above
  • USB2.0, Connector ANot usable with OS for Tablet PC


  • Scale Sheet
  • Installer CD
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