Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit

Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit
Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit
Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit
Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit


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Control telescope with smartphone

The Wireless Unit is a controller desgined to allow wirelessly controlling astronomical telescope by attaching it to compatible equatorial mounts. You can enjoy celestial navigation comfortably with your smartphone using the free app "STAR BOOK Wireless".

Vixen Telescope Wireless Unit Description

  • Comfortable wireless celestial navigation

    By installing the smartphone app "STAR BOOK Wireless" on your smartphone or tablet, you can use it as a controller for your equatorial mount.
    In addition to controlling the astronomical telescope, you can enjoy functions such as celestial navigation comfortably without cables.

  • Stree-free fast response

    The possible response delay in the operation of equatorial mount, which could be a drawback in wireless connections, has been successfully suppressed to a level comparable to wired connections(*), leading to stress-free and comfortable operation. (*)
    A possible operational delay depends on the einvornment of wireless LAN connection.

  • Reducing power consumption

    Compared to conventional controllers with LCD monitors, power consumption is reduced by up to approximately 20% for the entire equatorial mount.
    You will feel be assured even during long astronomical observations.

  • Inheriting the DNA of STAR BOOK TEN Controller

    If you tap the celestial object you want to see on the star chart, it will be automatically slew into the field of view and tracking will start.
    Following the display of the STAR BOOK TEN controller, which has been highly evaluated for its comfortable operability, even existing STAR BOOK TEN users can use it without any discomfort.

  • Swipe with one finger! Comfortable operation while looking through the telescope

    Operate the telescope by swiping on the app's star chart. Since there are no buttons, you simply slide your finger over the star chart to comfortably operate without taking look at the screen while looking through telescope.

  • Rich celestial data

    In addition to various data on famous celestial objects that are easy to observe (Messier, NGC, IC objects), it also includes the sun, moon, planets (including dwarf planets), it supports tracking of the respective celestial objects.

  • High-precision slewing by alignment

    Performing alignment* at three or more points on the stars visible during observation realizes higher slewing accuracy.
    The acquired alignment data will be stored and kept even after power is turned off.
    Alignment data can be deleted at your opiton. If the telescope is not moved, you can resume automatic slewing using the same settings.
    *Alignment is the process of matching the position information on the celestial coordinates stored by the app with the actual position of the star (visual position).

  • Display settings of celestial objects

    You can customize the display of celestial body types, names, etc, intended to ensure better visibility within the limited screen of the controller.
    You can also set the timing of Meridian crossover, even the target celestial object goes south during tracking and shooting avoiding unintended optical tube reversal.

  • Equipped with external autoguider terminal

    An autoguider terminal compatible with the SIBIG autoguider is equipped as standard.

  • Version update support by wireless LAN connection

    The app supports firmware update


Wireless Unit

  • Type
    Wireless connection equatorial mount controller unit
  • Applicable Mount
    SX2, SXD2, SXD2-PFL, SXP, SXP-PFL, SXP2, AXJ(Non AXJ encoder)、AXD, AXD2
  • CPU
    32bit CISC Processor 120MHz
  • Connector to Mount
    D-SUB 9PIN male
  • Autoguider Port
    6-pole 6-wired modular jack (for external autoguider)
  • Wi-Fi
    Use smartphone as user interface with app "STAR BOOK Wireless"
  • Applicable App Environment
    OS : Android ver. 6 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher※
    ・Wireless LAN standards : IEEE 802.11b/g/n・Data encryption methods : WPA2-APK

    ※You may not be able to use it even if the conditions are met. Please be sure to check the operation of the app before using it.
  • Power Supply
    Supplied by mount
  • Operating voltage / Current consumption
    DC12V 0.1A (Max)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Funtions, others
    Supports version upgrades via wireless LAN connection
For availability of products, please contact our local dealers. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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