Vixen Telescope APZ Mount

Vixen Telescope APZ Mount —
Vixen Telescope APZ Mount —


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A smple easy to use alt-azimuth mount delivered from the transformation of the AP mount.

With the smooth friction controlmechanism of the APZ mount, the telescope can be moved quickly by hand to your target object.

Vixen Telescope APZ Mount Description

  • A wide selection of accessories and modules are available to upgrade.

    The components of the APZ mount are designed as modules for the Advanced Polaris mount and they are usable to transform it to a highly portable AP equatorial mount.

  • Sealed Ball Bearings

    The sealed type ball bearings are used for movable part to eliminate from mixing in of dust particles and offer excellent durability. It ensures smooth rotation of an optical tube loaded.

  • Decent 8kg Loading Weight

    The rigid body and sealed ball bearings allows for using a VMC telescope with 200mm aperture.


APZ Mount

  • Slow motion control
    Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement (by hand), with slow motion control knob
  • Quick motion control
    Friction control
  • Worm wheel gears
    58.4mm in diameter, 144-tooth
  • Worm shaft gears
    9.8mm in diameter, made of brass
  • Altitude/Azimuth axes
    59mm in diameter, made of aluminum alloy
  • Number of bearings
    6 pieces
  • Loading weight
    About 8kg (6kg if used with the DEC motor module)
  • Size
    178mm x 258mm x 104mm
  • Weight
    3.8kg (incl. AZ counterweight)
  • Counterweight
    AZ couterweight 1.65kg


For availability of products, please contact our local dealers. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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