Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf

Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf —
Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf
Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf —
Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf


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More light gathering power is great for viewing deep sky objects.

A combination of a 130mm Newtonian reflector and a simple and easy-to-use "Alt-Azimuth" mount that is comprised of parts of the AP equatorial mount.

Vixen Telescope APZ-R130Sf Description

  • APZ Mount

    With smooth friction control mechanism of the APZ mount, the telescope can be moved quickly by hand to your trget object. Lightweight grab-and-go telescope to take it to anywhere.

  • Derived from the transformation of the AP Mount.

    The mount is composed of sectional modules and units that can be easily upgraded to an AP equatorial mount with additional components.

  • Sealed Ball Bearings

    The sealed type ball bearings are used for movable part to eliminate from mixing in of dust particles and offer excellent durability. It ensures smooth rotation of an optical tube loaded.

  • Decent 8kg Loading Weight

    The rigid body and sealed ball bearings allows for using a VMC telescope with 200mm aperture.


Optical tubes

  • Objective mirror, effective aperture
    130mm parabolic, multicoated
  • Focal length (Focal ratio)
    650mm (F5.0)
  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude
    0.89 arc seconds / 12.3
  • Light gathering power
    345x unaided eye
  • Dimensions / Weight
    160mm dia. x 575mm long / 5.3kg (Net 4.0kg)
  • Finder scope
    6x30mm Finder, 7 degrees field of view

Eyepiece section

  • Adapter threads / Visual back
    43mm and 42mm for T-ring / 31.7mm push fit
  • Eyepieces
    PL20mm (33x, 89' field of view), PL6.3mm (103x, 30' field of view)


  • Leg type, material
    3-section aluminum legs with quick-release leg clamps
  • Size / Weight
    Adjustable from 570mm to 1296mm in length, from 526mm to 1159mm in height, setup radius from 350mm to 710mm / 3.0 kg


  • Photography
    Usable with Prime focus, Eypiece projection and Afocal imaging
  • Solar observation
    Not available
  • Total weight
    12.1kg (without eyepieces)


  • Optical tube assembly
  • APZ Mount
  • Eyepieces
  • APP-TL130 Tripod
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