Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case

Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case
Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case
Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case
Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case


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Dedicated carry case for the VSD90SS optical tube assembly

It is a hard case used exclusively for the VSD90SS. You can store the VSD90SS optical tube, either without a tube ring or with the tube ring and a Dual slide bar attached. Designed for leaving an enough space around the focuser when the VSD90SS is stored you can hold accessories attached for imaging can as they are.

Vixen Telescope VSD90SS Carry Case Description

  • Designed for ease with grab and go and storage

    The inside of the case is designed so that the VSD90SS can be used immediately after being taken out from the case.
    You can not only store the VSD90SS optical tube but also store it with the tube ring, and Dual slide bar slide, or so on attached.

    Considering ease of handling in observation site, enough space is on the side facing the eyepiece in the case.
    The space is in prepareation for accessories* like camera adapters used for the VSD90SS.

    *Examples of storable accessories are Reducer V0.79x,
    Wide photo adapter 60DX, Electric focuser offered by ZWO, and etc.

  • Lightweight and durable plapearl? material

    The case is made of lightweight and durable plastic pearl material.
    The bending properties of Plapearl? allow for making three-dimensional with two-piece construction, successfully reducing the weight by more than 30% compared to an equivalent aluminum case that combines six plates to be three-dimensional.

    It also has excellent airtightness due to seamless construction other than the opening.
    Plapearl* is lightweight, durable, and excellent in bending rigidity, and is easy of restorable even if bumped.
    Besides the rigidity required for the case, we provide cushioning properties to protect important equipment securely.
    (Plapearl* is a registered trademark of Kawakami Sangyo Co., Ltd.)


VSD90SS Carry Case

  • Applicable Optical Tube
    VSD90SS optical tube assembly
  • Dimensions WxDxH
    556 x 245 x 256 mm (excludes protrusions)
  • Weight
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