Discontinued itemsVixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM

Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM —
Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM
Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM
Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM —
Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM
Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM


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If you are looking for a high quality small SD glass refractor, this is it!

This is a compact AP-SM Mount package with APP-TL130 tipod. It includes the SD refractor which produces clear and high contrast views.

Vixen Telescope AP-SD81S-SM Description

  • SD81S Optical tube + AP-SM Mount + APP-TL130 Tripod

    It is a set of a compact SD81S refracter equipped with high-performance SD lens, an AP equatorial mount which is composed of several AP modules and a light weight APP-TL 130 aluminum tripod. It comes with two eyepieces as standard accessories. It can be set up and used quickly. *AA batteries and USB external mobile batteries are available .

  • A standard and versatile equatorial mount combining lightweight body and ease of use.

    It is a lightweight and compact equatorial mount weighing 3.9 kg. Turning the telescope's optical tube by hand to your target celestial boject and the mount tracks it automatically after you release your hand. It can be operated intuitively without difficulty even by a novice. Slow motion controls are available with the manual knobs or via the STAR BOOK ONE controller.

  • STAR BOOK ONE controller

    The STAR BOOK ONE allows you to move the mount in X and Y directions (or R.A and Dec axes) either quickly or slowly. Versatile options are available for enjoying celestial observation.

  • Composed of the modules

    By rearranging modules and adding options, you can organize the AP mount system according to your purpose or a level of your observing skills. It will becoms your long lasting friend.

  • APP-TL130 Tripod

    A highly compact and lightweight tripod combining durability and ease of use. The legs of the tripod is 130cm in length if fully extended, but you can shorten the legs about 60cm long when storing the tripod. A retractable protection rubber of the metal frrules allows for using the tripod according to your set up environment. It is usable with GP2 mounts and PORTA II mount also in addition to the AP mount.

  • SD81S optical tube assembly

    Vixen apochromatic refractors feature "Super extra-low Dispersion" SD optical glass in its objective lens. The SD glass produces clear and high contrast viewing, vertually free of false color. Brighter F7.7 images will satisfy the most demanding visual astronomer or astro-photographer. The SD81S comes with a flip mirror diagonal that allows you to switch the light pass quickly from straight through to angled viewing.


Optical Tube

  • Objective Lens
    D=81mm, SD Apochrimatic, Multi Coated
  • Focal length (Focal ratio)
    F=625mm (f7.7)
  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude
    1.43 arc seconds / 11.3
  • Light gathering power
    134× unaided eye
  • Dimensions / Weight
    90mm dia × 585mm long / 3.6kg (Net 2.3kg)
  • Finder scope
    XY red Dot Finder Ⅱ (zero power)


  • Focusing mechanism
    Rack-and-pinion (with focus lock)
  • Adapter threads / Visual back
    60mm and 42mm for T-ring / 50.8mm push fit
  • Accessories
    Tube rings, Dovetail tube plate, Metal carry handle
  • Eyepieces
    SLV20mm (31X, 97' field of view), SLV5mm (125X, 24' field of view)
  • Leg type, material
    3-section aluminum legs with quick-release leg clamps
  • Size / Weight
    Adjustable from 570mm to 1296mm in length, from 526mm to 1159mm in height, setup radius from 350mm to 710mm / 3.0kg


  • Accessories
    Parts case, Counterweight 1 kg × 1, 1.9kg × 1
  • Photography
    Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Aforcal imaging
  • Solar observation
    Available with sun projection screen set B
  • Total weight
    13.1kg (without battries and without eyepieces)


  • Optical tube assembly
  • AP equatorial mount
  • APP-TL130 tripod


  • Counterweight 1.9kg x 1, 1kg× 1
  • Parts case
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