Discontinued itemsVixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III

Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III
Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III


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With the Lens Heater 360III you can prevent a camera lens from fogging that happens throughout the year in the wide-field astrophotography.

Use by wrapping the strip of the heating elements around the camera lens. The heating element is a carbon fiber heater used widely for its high thermal efficiency. A curly cord with USB Type-C female terminal is equipped. Perfect for prevention against dew of a camera lens, the objective lens of a telescope, or an eyepiece.

Vixen Observation Goods Lens Heater 360III Description

  • Warming the lens to prevent from dewing.

    Dew condensation is a phenomenon that moisture becomes drops of water if the moistured air contacts an object having a temperature lower than its surroundings. Taking astrophotography at night often suffers from a fogging of the lens. The temperature and humidity decrease as the night progress and the camera turns to be colder than ambient temperature. In this situation, warming the lens using heating elements is essential to prevent fogging. The Lens heater 360 III is a must item for taking astrophotography or night photographs in the seashore, mountains, or cold regions.

  • A Carbon heater with high heat efficiency is provided for it.

    The heater elements for the third generation of the Vixen lens heater 360III are carbon heaters of high thermal efficiency. It warms the lens efficiently at minimal power consumption. The temperature at a contact surface of the heating element is kept 10 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperature. (at 20 degrees C outside temperature and no wind.) It can fluctuate depending on the environment used.

  • Curled power cord with USB type C connector.

    The lens heater 360III comes equipped with a stretchable curl cord. Even if you caught the power cord by accident while taking a photograph, the curl cord could help in mitigating vibrations to the camera. The lens heater 360III has a USB Type-C connector for the power supply.

  • Energy saving at 3W power consumption.

    The lens heater 360III consumes electricity as low as 3 W (5V - 0.6A). It is possible to run it continuously for about 12 hours with a USB mobile battery of 10,000mAh, for instance. (at 20 degrees C ambient temperature.) The operating duration varies widely depending on the environment used.

  • Self-adhesive soft fabric fastner.

    The fabric fastener, which is soft as felt cloth, is made to be self-adhesive on the surfaces. You can take off the fabric fastener without adding extra force to it, unlike conventional fabric fasteners.

  • A long strap type dew heater suitable for heating cylindrical surfaces.

    The lens heater 360III is made of a 30mm wide and 600mm long strap. It is possible to wind it on a cylindrical object easily. You can use it to warm a photographic lens or a dew shield of a telescope having a size less than 100mm in diameter.


Lens Heater 360III

  • Heater type
    Carbon fiber fabric heater
  • Temperature characteristics
    10 degrees Celsius above outdoor ambient temperature (at 20 de.C, no wind).
  • Power source, Electricity consumption
    USB, 5V 0.6A 3.0W
  • Power supply cord
    USB A (male), USB-Type C connector detachable curl cord 20 cm to 50cm
  • Operating duration
    About 12 hours with a 10,000mAh mobile battery fully charged (at 20 deg. C outdoor temperature).
  • Attachable dimensions (recommendable)
    Cylindrical surfaces of 30mm in width and 45mm upto 100mm in outer diameter.


  • Lens heater 360III fabric heater
  • USB curl cord
  • Instruction manual
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