Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker

Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker
Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker


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An image “full of stars” has never been easier! When you see beautiful things, you may want to take a photo to keep the image. Why not record the beauty of the starry night sky?

When you see beautiful things, you may want to take a photo to keep the image. Why not record the beauty of the starry night sky?

The POLARIE U is an ultra-compact automatic star tracking device that can easily be transported. In addition to functions of conventional star trackers that move a camera for long exposure according to the diurnal motion of the celestial objects, it features a function for customizing rotation speeds using a smartphone and can control the intervals of shots by adjusting the shutter release. By linking the motion of the POLARIE U with the shutter release, you can easily set up complex shooting controls required for interval photography and time-lapse photography with your smartphone.

Lightweight and small yet delivering high performance. You will be able to create fine pieces of work in nature photographs with the state-of-the-art POLARIE U.

Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker Description

  • Star-scape photography. A silhouetted landscape on the earth is weaved into a beautiful photo of the starry sky.

    The beauty of the earth and the universe could be combined in a photo with the scenery of the night sky.
    The POLARIE U expands a wonderful world of star-scape photography and the pleasure of photography can be experienced by everyone.
    “Star-scape photography” is photographs that capture the stars and scenery together, such as the Milky Way and mountains, or the constella tions and buildings. Unlike conventional astrophotography these photographs capture a relatively narrow area in the sky, “Star-scape photography” mainly u ses a wide-angle lens and creates impressive photos where stars and scenery combine. The possibilities of composition are endless, and it is a new genre of landscape photography that anyone can easily enjoy.

    The POLARIE U is a handy camera platform that automatically follows the movement of the stars. By shooting with the camera, which is mounted on the POLAREI U and a tripod, you will be able to produce works of beautiful starry skies in an image with pinpoint stars.

  • Weight reduction of more than 20% and improved loading capacity.

    The structure of the original POLARIE was reviewed completely. The distance between the two bearings that support the rotating shaft is about four times that of the previous model. This achieves a great improvement in loading capacity successfully in spite of the weight reduction by 20%. * 1
    The maximum loading weight is 2.5kg/5.5 lbs (approx. 2.5kg/5.5 lbs at 10cm from the center of rotation) when it is used for taking wide-fiel d astrophotography or spar-scape photography.
    The maximum loading weight will be increased to 6.5kg/14 lbs (approx. 2.5kg/5.5 lbs at 10cm from the center of rotation) if a POLARIE Multi mounting block (optional) and a Dovetail slide bar DD (optional) are combined together.

    Furthermore, when used for time-lapse photography, the POLARIE U can hold the loading capacity as heavy as 10 kg/22 lbs at the maximum (about 10 kg/22 lbs at 10 cm from the center of rotation), and it is usable with large equipment. * 2

    * 1: In comparison with POLARIE.
    * 2: When the POLARIE U is set for time-lapse photography and placed horizontally using the bubble level attached.

  • Using the custom setting mode via a smartphone.

    By using a communication function and app, various settings are customized via smartphones or tablet terminals. In star-scape photography, tr acking speeds are selected (in the custom mode), and settings of interval time, exposure and rotation speed are available in time-lapse photography. It allo ws for a wide variety of selections for the enjoyment of photography.
    To change the settings, a communication terminal that can be connected to Wi-Fi, like smartphones, and application software are required.

  • Five tracking modes.

    Star-scape photography (Half speed of the sidereal rate)
    If this mode is selected, the POLARIE U tracks stars at half the speed of the diurnal motion of the stars. The terrestrial objects are moved less as compared with images taken by wide-field astrophotography at a given exposure time. Adding landscape or architectural objects in the foreground wil l make your photos more impressive.

    Wide-field astrophotography (sidereal rate)
    If this mode is selected, the POLARIE U follows stars at the same speed as the diurnal motion of the stars. It is suitable for capturing con stellations, the Milky Way or faint celestial objects such as nebulae and star clusters.

    Solar tracking
    Useful for shooting solar eclipse.

    Lunar tracking
    Useful for shooting lunar eclipse.

    Custom mode
    This allows for setting the POLARIE U in your desired tracking speed arbitrarily. The initial setting is four times of the sidereal rate. If you change the setting for a different speed, a smartphone or other wireless device and application software are required.

  • A “shoot-move-shoot” function (SMS) that is linked with a camera.

    It is possible to stop the motion of a camera during exposure when shooting in time-lapse and start the motion of the camera again when the e xposure finishes. This is useful as a time-lapse rotator so you can create better quality images in every single shot in the day or night.
    In addition, it is equipped with a camera connecting port (shutter release terminal) that controls the camera shutter in the shooting with t he SMS or interval shooting.
    If the camera used is provided with the bulb shutter function and cable shutter release terminal, the settings can be made easily from a sma rtphone by linking the POLARIE U and the camera's shutter release to each other.

    When you use this function, the communication terminals with Wi-Fi connection such as a smartphone and application software are required. In addition, a cable to connect the camera and the POLARIE U is needed separately.

  • Autoguider port.

    Commercially available autoguiders are usable with the POLARIE U. (This will move in the direction of R.A. only.)

    Pin assignment: In order of common, press the shutter button halfway and press the shutter button completely, from center to outward

  • Easy-to-carry like a photo lens and stylish appearance.

    With the size and appearance that fit in your camera bag like a photo lens, it is easy to carry everywhere. The shape of the POLARIE U is des igned properly so as not to interrupt the orientation of the camera. The "U" for the POLARIE U stands for the cross-section of the product.

  • Blinking icons on the mode display corresponds to tracking direction.

    The direction of the slide power switch implies the directions of rotations in the northern or southern hemisphere. Right after turning ON th e power switch, the icons on the mode display start blinking one after another toward the direction of the rotation which corresponds to the slid of the pow er switch.

  • The power supply in two ways: self-contained and external.

    The POLARIE U works with 4 AA batteries. In addition, it is equipped with a USB (USB Type-C) external power supply port and works with commer cially available mobile batteries.

  • A versatile platform available for different options.

    Camera Mounting Block (Supplied)
    The supplied came mounting block is equipped with a 1/4-inch camera screw. A commercially available ball head can fit on it.

    POLARIE Multi Mounting Block (sold separately)
    The camera mounting block is exchangeable for the POLARIE multi mounting block to increase the loading capacity for serious astrophotography. With the use of a dovetail slide bar DD (optional) in combination, it can be transformed into an imaging platform for a telephoto lens or a short tube telescope such as an FL55SS OTA. Various focal lengths from a wide-angle to close-up telephoto are available for taking astrophotography.

    Quick Release Clamp (sold separately)
    The Quick release panorama clamp (optional) is attachable to the POLARIE U. It is compatible with attachment plates of the standard thin type.

  • Tripod Screw Sockets

    A socket for the 3/8-inch screw is provided on the bottom and back side of the POLARIE U if t the camera mounting block is exposed on the front side. The POLARIE U is usable with a tripod with a 1/4” screw or 3/8” screw. A conversion adapter for 1/4” screw is pre-installed at Vixen’s factory.

  • Corresponding to attachment plates of the thin standard type.

    The quick release base corresponding to attachment plates of the thin standard type is provided on the bottom side and the backside so that i t is useful for not only star-scape photography but also time-lapse photography.

  • Bubble Level and Direction Scale for Time-Lapse.

    The POLARIE U comes equipped with a bubble level which is useful for horizontal orientation. In addition, it is equipped with a scale in 5-de gree increments that allows you to check the angle of rotation roughly during time-lapse photography.

  • Sight Tube as a Finder Scope.

    A sight tube finder (detachable) that is usable for rough polar alignment in the northern hemisphere comes equipped as a standard accessory. Shooting with a wide-photo lens is easy by just locating Polaris at the center of the sight tube finder's field of view. It is fitted into the accessory shoe on the POLARIE U.

  • Applying a Polar Alignment Scope (sold separately).

    The Polar alignment scope PF-LII, can be attached to the POLARIE U with use of a polar scope arm bracket sold separately. It is needed for sh ooting with a tele-photo lens to make sure of a precise polar alignment.


POLARIE U Star Tracker

  • R.A. slow motion control
    Wheel and worm gears full circle micro movement, 58.4mm in diameter, 144-tooth, made of aluminum alloy
  • Worm gear shaft
    9.8mm in diameter, made of brass
  • R.A. axis (Polar axis)
    40mm in diameter, made of aluminum alloy
  • Number of bearings
    2 pieces
  • Drive
    Pulse motor drive
  • Locading capacity
    2.5 kg(5.5 lbs): Standard / 6.5 kg(14 lbs): Upgraded / 10 kg(22 lbs): Time-lapse
  • Tracking rates
    Celestial speed, 0.5x celestial, solar, lunar, available in N and S hemispheres (Remote setting is possible with a smartphone.)
  • Sight tube finder
    It is used in the northern hemisphere to guide the unit to Polaris. 8.9 degrees field of view with no magnification.
  • Polar scope
    Optionally available Polar alignment scope PF-L II is usable. Polar scope arm bracket sold separately is needed.
  • Leveling
    Bubble lvel is provided for time-lapse photography.
  • Tripod adapter block
    3/8" camera screw sockets (2 places) with a conversion adaper for 1/4" screw, compatible with attachment plates of the standard thin type.
  • Shutter release terminal
    2.5mm female jack for tripolar stereo mini plug, Pin assignment: On order of full shutter, half shautter and common, from center to outward
  • Autoguider Port
    6-pole 6-wired modular jack (for an external autoguider)
  • External Power Supply Port
    USB Type-C
  • Power Source
    4 x AA alkaline batteries, Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries, USB Type-C external power batteries
  • Working Voltage / Electricity Consumption
    AA batteries: DC 4.8V to 6.0V, Max. 0.6A (at 2.5kg/5.5 lbs. loading weight)External power supply: DC 4.4V to 5.25V, Max. 0.3A (at 2.5kg/5.5 lbs. loading weight)
  • Working Duration
    About 7 hours at 20 degrees C (68 F) temperature, with use of Alkaline batteries (at 2.5kg/5.5 lbs loading weight).
  • Wi-Fi
    Application software for POLARIE U and a smartphone or communication terminal device that works on Wi-Fi are needed.
  • Operating Environment for Application Software
    OS: Android 4.4 and over or iOS 9.9 and over* Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g, Data Encryption Method: WPA2-PSK, *IBe sure to confirm the operation of the application, as some smartphones do not meet the requirements.
  • Operating Temperature
    0 degree to 40 degrees C (104 F)
  • Dimensions
    88.5mm x 72mm x 110.5mm
  • Weiight
    575 g / 1.26 lbs. (without batteries)
  • Optional Accessories
    Polar alignment scope PF-L II, Polar scope arm bracket, Polar fine adjustment unit DX, Polar meter


  • POLARIE U Star Tracker


  • Sight tube finder
  • Time-lapse direction sticker
  • Allen wrench of 3mm on a side
  • User manual


For availability of products, please contact our local dealers. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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