Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT)

Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT) —
Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT)
Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT) —
Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT)


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Best for serious astrophotographers who demand a perfect imaging platform with user-friendly functions that allow for comfortable operation.

The large, lightweight VMC260L comes mounted on the flagship AXD2 mount with sturdy tripod. It can easily be transported to distant observing sites.

Vixen Telescope AXD2-VMC260L(WT) Description

  • VMC260L optical tube assemby.

    The large 260mm aperture Catadioptric design is a true all purpose telescope for serious visual and photography applications. Best for detailed views of planets and faint deep sky objects.

  • AXD2 equatorial mount.

    Vixen's flagship AXD2 mount is designed for both superior performance and ease of use. The revolutionary advanced star chart go-to navigation controller STAR BOOK TEN is the best companion for your observing sessions.

  • STAR BOOK TEN star chart go-to navigation controller.

    The STAR BOOK TEN features intuitive 'Star-Chart Go-To' system with high definition color LCD display. The position of the telescope, the target and other useful information are displayed on the screen in detail. The night vision feature illuminates the whole screen in red, if applied, and will limit the brightness to the observer's eyes.

  • Sturdy tripod with a high grade of stability.

    The AXD-TR102 tripod with 55mm thick legs is constructed to be strong enough against strain. This achieves perfect stability when using the AXD2 mount.

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Optical Tube

  • Primary mirror
    260mm effective aperture, precision spherical mirror, multicoated
  • Focal length (Focal ratio)
    3,000mm (F11.5)
  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude
    0.45 arc seconds / 13.8
  • Light gathering power
    1380X unaided eye
  • Size / Weight
    304mm dia. and 680mm long (720mm incl. protruded focus knob) / 12.1kg (Net 10kg)
  • Finder scope
    7×50mm with dark-field illuminated reticle, 7 degrees field of view


  • Adapter thread / Visual back
    60mm and 42mmforT-ring / 50.8mm and 31.7mm push fit with flip mirror diagonal
  • Eyepiece (31.7mm)


  • Tripod legs
    Large aluminum pipe legs 55mm thick, extendable
  • Size / Weight
    Pipe legs adjustable from 760mm to 1080mm in length, from 690mm to 915mm in height, set up space from 440mm to 570mm in radius / 10.3kg


  • Photography
    Usable with Prime focus, Eyepiece projection and Afocal imaging
  • Solar observation
    Not available


  • AXD Counterweight 1.5kg X 1
  • AXD Counterweight 7kg X 1
  • Dovetail-plate mounting block


  • AXD2 Equatorisl Mount
  • VMC260L(WT) Optical Tube Assembly
  • AXD-TR102 Tripod
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