Vixen Telescope Corrector PH

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Vixen Telescope Corrector PH —


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Professional Astrophotography without Chromatic Aberration

The Vixen Coma Corrector is designed to eliminate coma aberration that easily occurs in the parabolic mirror of reflective telescope, making it possible to take sharp astrophotographs even the edge part.

Vixen Telescope Corrector PH Description

  • Vixen Telescope Corrector PH Feature

    A Wynne type 3-element in 3-group design. Corrects coma aberration from parabalic mirrow surfaces. Minimize occurrence of spherical aberration.

  • A broad 44mm diameter circle, which covers a 36mm x 24mm full frame DSLR, and delivers sharp images over the entire imaging field.

  • A large 50mm aperture lens allows for ample edge of field illumination.

  • The same anti-reflective AS coatings, which are used in Vixen's high end VSD 100f/3.8 astrograph, are used to take advantage of 99.9%. In order to take advantage of the characteristics, we suggest you use Wide Photo Adapter 60 and Light Baffle Hood together.

  • Excellent Compatibility with R200SS Telescope

    Applicable to all Vixen R200SS telescope. Old type R200SS telescope can also be renewed to f/3.8 high speed astrograph too. With bright edge R200SS telescope, by correcting aberration from parabolic mirror surfaces, the corrector delivers bright sharp pinpoint star images to the edge of the broad imaging circle.

  • Flange Figure

  • Components Guide Chart

  • Spot Diagram Shows the characteristics


Corrector PH

  • Magnification
  • Focal Length
    R200SS 800mm (f/4)→760mm (f/3.8)
  • Coatings
    AS Coatings (Per Side Maximum 99.9% Light Transmission)
  • Lens Configuration
    Wynne Type 3-element in 3-group
  • Image Circle
    44mm (covers 36mm x 24mm full frame DSLR)
  • Screw Thread
    M56, P=0.75mm
  • Applicable Filter
  • Applicable Telescope
  • Visual Observation
    O (uses with 31.7mm eyepiece and eyepiece adapter together)
  • Size
    φ56 x Length 78mm
  • Weight
  • Country of Origin
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