Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A

Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A —
Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A
Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A —
Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A


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For observation of nebulae and star cluster or search for comet.

The incorporated SD lens realizes extremely clear view with minimum color aberration. This package with 70mm aperture binocular telescope using SD (Ultra low dispersion) glass lenses offers extremely high level reduction on color aberration. Other than the supplied eyepieces, it permits a use of other 31.7mm eyepieces with different magnification interexchangeably.

Vixen Telescope HF2-BT-ED70S-A Description

  • HF2 altazimuth fork mount

    The altazimuth fork mount to mount large binoculars for astronomical observation, compatible with the sturdy aluminum tripod for SX-series equatorial mounts.

  • Changeable magnifications

    The BT-ED70S-A is designed to interexchange the eyepiece to select arbitrarily a magnificaton for use. *Note there will be eyepieces whch are not compatible.

  • Comfortable gazing at all angles

    When gazing stars with binoculars with a straight view type, it is difficult to view comfortably as of need to looking up. However, the binocular telescope permits gazing at 45-degree angle comfortably.

  • Eyepieces are included.

    The standard high grade SLV20mm eyepieces using multi-coated lens are supplied wih this package.


Optical Tube

  • Objective lens
    D=70mm, SD lens apochromatic, multi-coated
  • Focal length
    400mm (f/5.7)
  • Resolution / Limiting magnitude
    1.66 arc sec. / 11.0
  • Light gathering power
    100x unaided eyes
  • Dimensions / Weight
    400mm(L)x190(W)x155(H)mm, 4.0kg
  • Finder scope
    Dovetail type finder bracket shoe supplied


  • Accessory attachment size
    31.7mm push-fit
  • Eyepiece
    SLV20mm x 2 pcs (20x, 150 deg. Actual field of view)


  • Mount type
    HF2 Altazimuth fork mount
  • Lateral and vertical motion
    Friction-stop in vertical and horizontal, with friction adjustment
  • Weight
    Approx. 3.4kg
  • Dimensions
    L:807mm⇔1,299mm, H: 730⇔1,156mm, Radius: 460⇔706mm
  • Weight


  • Photography
    Not possible
  • Solar observation
    Not possible
  • Total weight
    14.0kg without eyepieces


  • Optical tube assembly
  • HF2 Fork Mount
  • SXG-HAL130 Tripod
  • Swing bracket (Binocular cradle)
  • Eypeieces
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