Vixen Shutter Cable O

Vixen Shutter Cable O
Vixen Shutter Cable O
Vixen Shutter Cable O
Vixen Shutter Cable O
Vixen Shutter Cable O
Vixen Shutter Cable O


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Essential for Time-Lapse Photography

Vixen Shutter Cable O Description

  • The following photo equipment and devices are required to make use of the SMS function.

    Olympus digital camera equipped with the multi_connector terminal,
    Remote shutter release cable O (This shutter cable.),

    Smartphone that works on the following condition:
    OS Android 4.4 and over or iOS9.0 and over
    Wi_Fi IEEE 802.11b/g
    Data Encryption WPA2_PSK
    There may be a case that your smartphone does not work even if it meets the operational environment. Be sure to check the availability of the app with your terminal device before use.

  • Olympus digital cameras available for the app.

    OM_D series of DSLRs except E_M1X, E_M1Mark2, and E_M5Mark3.
    E_PL series, E_PM2, E_PM1, E_30, E_620, E_520, E_510, E_450, E_420, E_410, E_400, XZ_2, XZ_1, SH_50, SH_25MR, SH_21, SZ_31MR, SZ_30MR, SZ_20, SZ_14, SZ_11, SP_820UZ, SP_810UZ, SP_720UZ, SP_590UZ, SP_570UZ, SP_565UZ, SP_560UZ, SP_550UZ, SP_510UZ, STYUS1


Shutter Cable O

  • Connecting to the POLARIE U
    2.5mm stereo mini plug
  • Connecting to the camera
    Multi-connector plug
  • Spiral cable length
    About 20cm to 50cm
  • Weight
    27 g
For availability of products, please contact our local dealers. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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