Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf

Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf —
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf —
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf


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Ideal for astrophotography with clear and high contrastive view

Featuring excellent rigidity, stability, and portability, the popular PORTA II alt-azimuth mount with optical tube of ED (extra low dispersion) lens reduces color aberration at high level for very clear and high contrastive view.

Vixen Telescope PORTA II-ED80Sf Description

  • Slow motion handles

    The whole-circle slow motion movement of the PORTA II provides smooth telescope operation at every pointing angle. Handle positions of both vertical and horizontal slow motion controls can be altered in 45-degree increments. This allows a comfortable posture while using the slow motion handles for various size optical tubes.

  • Dovetail-plate attachment

    With Vixen's renowened dovetail-plate system, many optical tubes, up to 160mm in outer diameter, can easily be swapped on and off the mount.

  • Accessory tray

    An accessory tray holds small pieces such as a camera or eyepieces. Very useful when observing at night.

  • Compartment for tools

    Slow motion handles positions and the amount of friction on the axes are adjusted with tools located in the compartment under the rubber covering. You will always have your tools available.

  • Detachable tripod system

    The mount head and tripod are detachable by single fixing bolt which makes it convenient for transport and storage.

  • Friction control system

    Optical tube can be moved freely by hand and the friction holds its position anwhere you stop it. It allows you to manually point the telescope at target celestial objects you wish to view.

  • Finder scope

    All optical tube units with PORTA II alt-azimuth mount is equipped with finder scope to facilitate pointing the celestial object.


Optical tube

  • Apochromatic objective lens
    80mm ED lens, multi-coated.
  • Focal Length
    600mm (f/7.5)
  • Reolving power / Limiting magnitude
    1.45 arc sec. / 11.3
  • Light gathering power
    131x unaided eye
  • Dimensions / weight
    L: 570mm, OD: 100mm, 4.8kg (body 3.4kg)
  • Finder scope
    9x50mm, actual field of view 4.8 deg.


  • Visual back
    42mm for T-ring, 31.7mm push fit
  • Eyepiece (Dia. 31.7mm)
    PL20mm (33x), PL6.3mm (103x)

Alt-azimuth mount

  • Mount type
    PORTA II alt-azimuth mount
  • Vertical and horizontal slow motions
    Worm and wheel gears with 120-tooth whole-circle movement, with slow motion handles
  • Optical tube setting up
    Dovetail-plate attachment system
  • Maximum loading capacity
    Approx. 5kg
  • Weight
    5.7kg including tripod


  • Material / Type
    Aluminum 2-sectional legs (with tray)
  • Dimensions / weight
    L: 900mm⇔1,300mm, H: 705⇔1,200mm, Radius: 370⇔606mm


  • Accessories
    Aluminum case for optical tube
  • Photography
    Eyepiece projection, prime-focus, afocal imaging.
  • Solar observation
    Not possible
  • Total weight
    10.5kg without eyepiece


  • Aluminum case for optical tube


  • Optical tube assembly
  • PORTA II alt-azimuth mount (with tripod)
  • Eyepiece
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