Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf

Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf —
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf —
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf
Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf


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Ideal for astrophotography with clear and high contrastive field of view

AP series telescope set with 80mm aperture refractor with high performance SD glass for objective lens. It comes with exclusive carrying case for optical tube which is convenient for travel and storage.

Vixen Telescope AP-ED80Sf Description

  • AP Equatorial mount

    The Advanced Polaris mount is ideally suited for beginners who want to become familiar with equatorial mount or experienced observers who wan ta simple grab and go mount. The AP mount securely supports your telescope optical tube for comfortable observing. With its friction control system, the mount can be quickly moved to your target object. A wide selection of optional accessories are available for the AP mountto meet your observation needs.

  • Stylish design

    The new stylish and smart design removes a difficult image on astronomical telescopes. Together with just 3.6kg lightweight body (without counterweight), you can easily handle full-scale astronomical telescopes. As the four AA batteries for power supply is integrated inside the body and adoption of internal electrical contacts eliminates successfully external wiring which is exposed to the outside in the past.

  • Friction control system

    Simply point the target objects by moving the optical tube by hands. The friction control system allows you to manually point the telescope at the object without using knobs and clamps.

  • Simple polar alignment

    The optional polar meter can be attached on the equatorial mount for simple polar alignment. Even beginners can quickly align polar axis. For precision alignment, the polar axis scope is usually used, but the polar meter can outperforms especially where Polaris is not visible.

  • Polar alignment scope PF-L

    The polar alignment scope PF-L features an employment of three stars alignment system and built-in dark field illuminator to enable alignment while looking into the polar alignment scope. This illumination powers off automatically to prevent unnecessary consumption of power.Corresponding to the polar alignment scope PF-L, we delivers free applications "PFL Assist" for smartphone and tablet that support polar alignment by visuallizing a visible position in the constellation displayed.

  • ED80Sf optical tube assembly

    An apochromatic refractor which reduces color aberration at extremely high level, realizing less deburring and clear field of view in high contrast.

  • APP-TL130 tripod

    The compact APP-TL130 tripod is adjustable between 60cm and 130cm, combining both the portability of the photographic tripod and strength of the astronomical telescope tripod. Tipo of the tripod can be switched between rubber and metal spikes, so that it will not damage floor even when it is used indoors.


Optical tube

  • Apochromatic refractor
    80mm SD apochromatic, multi-coated
  • Focal length
    600mm (f/7.5)
  • Resolving power / Limiting magnitude
    1.45 arc sec. / 11.3
  • Light gathering power
    131x unaided eye
  • Dimensions / Weight
    L: 570mm x OD 100mm, 4.8kg (Body 3.4kg)
  • Finder scope
    6x50mm, 4.8°actual field of view


  • Visual back
    42mm for T-ring, 50.8mm, 31.7mm push-fit
  • Eyepiece (Dia. 31.7mm)
    PL20mm (30x), PL6mm (100x)


  • Material, Type
    Aluminum 3-section leg
  • Dimensions / Weight
    L:570⇔1,296mm, H:526⇔1,159mm, closed 598.4mm, Radius: 350⇔710mm, 3.0kg


  • Accessories
    Counterweight 1kg x 1 pc., 1.9kg x 1 pc.
  • Photography
    Eyepiece projection, prime-focus, afocal imaging.
  • Solar observation
    Not possible
  • Total weight
    14.3kg without eyepiece


  • Counterweight 1kg, 1 kg
  • Counterweight 1.9kg, 1 kg


  • Optical tube assembly
  • AP equatorial mount
  • Eyepiece
  • APP-TL130 tripod
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