Vixen Loupe Claire Loupe PB80

Vixen Loupe Claire Loupe PB80 —
Vixen Loupe Claire Loupe PB80 —


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For Reading Newspaper, Magazine, Pamphlet or Map

By a combination of an Aspherical Lens and Multi-Coating, it makes image clear and bright, minimizing the distortion. It has a Handle and it's fitting to a reading book or an Observation of a Plant.

Vixen Loupe Claire Loupe PB80 Description

  • Aspherical Lens

    Generally, many loupe use a Spherical Lens which causes a Distortion around end of image. Using an Aspherical Lens, a Distortion will be minimize and you can see Image clearly. Especially, when you see Newspaper, you can see clearly a Letter on the Newspaper without a Distortion.

  • Multi-Coating (anti-reflecting coating)

    By a Multi-coating, a Reflecting light on surface of lens is minimizing and it causes sharp and bright image. When you read a book under the light of lamp, you can read it very clearly.

  • Hard Coating

    By a Coating on Surface of Lens, it protects a lens surface from scratch.

  • An Elastomer

    An Elastomer is lighter than Rubber and it is a Resin with high elasticity. Adapting to Palm of hand, it is possible to use it a long time.

  • Easy Grip Shape

    When you put it on the desk, the grip is designed to have a gap between a surface of desk and the loupe. It is designed by an idea from end user.



  • Lens Diameter
  • Diopter (D)
  • Magnification
  • Lens Material
    Optical Acrylic Acid Resin
  • Lens Coating
    Multi and Hard Coating
  • Material of a Flame/a Grip
    ABS Resin/Elastomer
  • Lens Size
  • Weight
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