Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Big Dipper

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Big Dipper —
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Big Dipper —


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Constellation design "Sora jewelry"

The Sora-Jewelries are unique accessories with the motif of ten most popular and typical constellation,
celestial objects and astronomical phenomena, created by Vixen with experience for astronomy.

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Big Dipper Description

  • Uncompromisingly design

    The constellation stands in high fidelity for a sequence and brightness of stars, using bigger stones for brighter stars as well as color of stones similar to the color of stars.The constellations and celestial objects adopt a bullion of brass coated with rhodium (nickel-free) to provide a fine texture.

  • Sophisticated design & affordable price

    Yet affordable, it is also popular for adult women as a familiar accessory with sophisticated design.


Sora Jewelry Big Dipper

  • Chain
    Approx. 40cm, adjustable up to 45cm.
  • Materials
    Brass coated with Rhodium (Nickel-free). Stones: Rhinestone and Cubic Zirconia
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