Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star —
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star —
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star


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Jewelry with knowledge of stars created by Vixen

The Sora-Jewelries are unique accessories with the cosmic motif of constellation, celestial objects and astronomical phenomena, created by Vixen with experience for astronomy. You can enjoy fine cosmic details closer.

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Shooting Star Description

  • Elegant cosmic jewelry in extraordinary finish

    The constellation stands in high fidelity for a sequence and brightness of stars, using bigger stones for brighter stars as well as color of stones similar to the color of stars.The constellations and celestial objects adopt a bullion of brass coated with rhodium (nickel-free) to provide a fine texture.

  • A momentary event where color of shooting star changes

    A shooting star is a celestial phenomenon that emits light when it is turned into plasma when dust floating in outer space enters the atmosphere. Because the wavelength of the light emitted by the dust contained component is different, the color may change while flowing. It reproduces the momentary event that the color of shooting star changes.

  • Shooting star is a comet's lost article

    The shooting star is a phenomenon where plasma gas emits light upon entry of various celestial objects ranging from small dusts of less than 0.1mm up to small stones of over few centimeters into the atmosphere of the earth at the velocity of several kilometers per second through collision with molecules of the upper atmosphere of the earth. If original celestial object of the shooting star is large, it will reach the ground as meteorites without being burned out completely or as bright meteors leaving a trace which passed through. At the same time every year, the meteor may appear jumping out radially from a certain point of the celestial sphere. This is called a meteor shower. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the revolving earth comes over the trace of the comet, and meteor shower of Quadrantids, Perseids and Geminids are well known as three major meteor showers every year.

  • Cosmical feature

    Sora jewelry Shooting Star is using total five different colors of stones. Just like the color change of the light trajectory of actual shooting star, it expresses the light gradually disappearing with a light hue. Since it is a design that considers a pale tone stone and a popular bar necklace, it is finished to coordinate to various attire.


Sora Jewelry - Shooting Star

  • Chain
    Approx. 40cm, adjustable up to 40cm
  • Material
    Brass coated with Rhodium (Nickel-free). Stones: Rhinestone and Cubic Zirconia
  • Color
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