Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn
Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn


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Jewelry with knowledge of stars created by Vixen

The Sora-Jewelries are unique accessories with the cosmic motif of constellation, celestial objects and astronomical phenomena, created by Vixen with experience for astronomy. You can enjoy fine cosmic details closer.

Vixen Accessory Sora Jewelry Saturn Description

  • Elegant cosmic jewelry in extraordinary finish

    The constellation stands in high fidelity for a sequence and brightness of stars, using bigger stones for brighter stars as well as color of stones similar to the color of stars.The constellations and celestial objects adopt a bullion of brass coated with rhodium (nickel-free) to provide a fine texture.

  • Individual popular star in the solar system

    "Saturn" of the outstanding existence among solar system planets, featurng a beautiful ring. The ring of this Saturn is made of a mass of ice from a small ice grain like dust to ice gorge about 10m, with a width of around 250 thousand kilometers or more and a thickness of only 10 to 30m. The Sora Jewelry reproduces stereoscopic ring design, while expressing one of the satellites with crystal in the ring which is captured by Saturn's powerful gravity.

  • Cosmical feature

    The diameter of Saturn is about 9 times the size of the Earth and the volume is about 755 times, but the mass is only about 95 times the Earth's mass. In other words it is very light for the size. In order to express such lightness with jewelry, the Saturn is hollowed out through star-shaped pop watermark pattern.


Sora Jewelry - Saturn

  • Chain
    Approx. 40cm, adjustable up to 40cm
  • Material
    Brass coated with Rhodium (Nickel-free). Stones: Rhinestone and Cubic Zirconia
  • Color
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