Vixen SXP2 Mount Case

Vixen SXP2 Mount Case
Vixen SXP2 Mount Case
Vixen SXP2 Mount Case
Vixen SXP2 Mount Case
Vixen SXP2 Mount Case
Vixen SXP2 Mount Case


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The carry and storage case for a SXP2 equatorial mount, combined durability with lightweight construction.

It securely protects the SXP2 equatorial mount anytime.

Vixen SXP2 Mount Case Description

  • Dedicated to the SXP2 equatorial mount.

    The case is designed to store the SXP2 equatorial mount and its related accessories. It can hold accessories such as Star Book TEN controller, Star Book cable and AC adapter. The SXP2 mount can be stored with the dovetail-plate mounting block attached. It cannot accommodate the counterweights.

  • Durability and light weight go together.

    Durable and lightweight material "Plapeal" is adopted. Unlike typical mount cases made of solid aluminum boards in all 6 sides, the "plaperal" board surprisingly excels in bending and no need to joint the boards for a rectangular case. Also, this increases in airtightness as a result. It successfully helps in reducing weight of the SXP2 mount case by 30% as compared with conventional aluminum cases.

  • The "Plapearl" is a kind of plastic boards made from polyolefins and it is produced by Kawakami Sangyo in Japan. It features lightweight, durability, high capability for bending and restored against dent. It protects your equipment in safety like a cushion in addition to the strength required by the case.


SXP2 Mount Case

  • Applicable to:
    SXP2 equatorial mount
  • What can be stored are:
    SXP2, StarBook TEN controller, Star Book cable and etc.
  • Dimensions
    47.5cm x 49cm x 22.5cm
  • Weight
    4.1 kg
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