Program Update Information on STAR BOOK TEN Update Information

The latest update program is available for your STAR BOOK TEN.

Program Update

Program correction

STAR BOOK TEN controller


Ver.5.10(May 15, 2019)

  • Program correction
With the SideOfPier property in the ASCOM programs, the error that the STAR BOOK TEN answers the reverse against the command for West or East is corrected.

Update Procedure

Before Starting Up

First, you need to download the update program available from Vixen’s website to your PC. Connecting your STAR BOOK TEN to the PC with a LAN crossover cable by one to one connection makes you ready for the update.

Use a power supply that is for the SXP equatorial mount for the update.

Make sure that you have a stable power supply for your PC to transfer the update program.

The STAR BOOK TEN may fail to reboot if the power supply is turned off during the update. In that case, ask your local Vixen dealer for repair (It is chargeable to you). All your data stored in the STAR BOOK TEN may be lost after repair.

You may have to alter the network settings in your PC for the update. Please record the original settings in the PC before changing them for the update.


  • STAR BOOK TEN controller
  • PC (Computer) which is capable of LAN connection
  • LAN crossover cable
  • Power supply for STAR BOOK TEN (AC Adapter 12V 3A or Portable Power Supply SG1000SX, or equivalent.)
System Requirements for PC
Applicable OS environment : Microsoft Windows®XP Home Edition、XP Professional、Vista、7 Home Edition、7 Professional、7 Ultimate、8、8pro
Web Browser : Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher
CPU : Pentium®II 400MHz or better
RAM : 256MB or more
Depending on the OS used, necessary information may not be displayed properly. If this is the case, update your OS to the latest version using Windows Update. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the US and some Countries.  All product and company names mentioned in the instructions are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

How to Install the Update Program

Download the latest firmware version from Update Program below to a directory on your PC.

Update Program

Some data such as observing locations and defined by user that are stored in the STAR BOOK TEN may be initialized as a result of the update. You should write down your current settings before you begin to update.

Directly connect the STAR BOOK TEN to the PC with a LAN crossover cable. ※Do not power on the STAR BOOK TEN and PC at this early stage.

Power up the STAR BOOK TEN by directly plugging the 12V power cable with center plus polarity into the unit. Turn on the PC.

Check the firmware version in your STAR BOOK TEN with the “Initial Configuration” menu that appears on the initial screen.

Wait for a period of one minute as the STAR BOOK TEN and PC will automatically acquire information on networking.

The “Initial Configuration” menu appears on the screen of the STAR BOOK TEN. Choose “About LAN” and confirm IP address.

Never disconnect the power supply cord for the STAR BOOK TEN and the LAN crossover cable while the STAR BOOK TEN is in communication with the PC. This could result in unrecoverable damage.

The IP address may differ id the STAR BOOK TEN is connected indirectly through a network or improper set up of the OS.

If the connection to the PC does not finish, the message “Waiting…” will be displayed instead of the IP address. Or if the connection ends in failure, the message “Disconnected” will be displayed. If this is the case, wait a little while or make sure that the LAN crossover cable is connected securely.

Open Internet Explorer (or your internet browser) and enter IP address you obtained in the above in the address bar to display an entry page.

Example: If the IP address is “192.168.0189”, put in the address bar.

Note: Change the setting to have the address bar appear if it is hidden on your PC.

The initial screen shown on the left appears on the PC screen. Click “Update Program” to continue.

“Update Program” screen is displayed and click on the “Browse” button.

It opens the holder that contains the downloaded program file for updating. Select the program file and click on the “Open” button.

Click on the “Submit Query” button for sending the program file.

The STAR BOOK TEN starts updating. Progress of the update is displayed on the screen of the STAR BOOK TEN during the communication with the PC.

You will see the “Update Finish” message on your screens both the STAR BOOK TEN and the PC at the end of successful update. Unplug the power supply cord of the STAR BOOK TEN and then plug it in again to reboot.

In the initial configuration menu, go into “About STAR BOOK TEN” and confirm the updated version to finish. Restore the settings on the PC if changed.

If the update is not successful in the above procedure, please confirm the settings on your PC.

  • Procedure in Windows 8

    Right-click on the background in the start up screen. Click “All apps” in the bottom right of the screen and display every application.

    Select “Control Panel” and go to “Network and Internet”.

    Click on “Network and Sharing Center” The “View your basic network information and set up connections” screen is displayed.

    Click on “Ethernet” to go to “Ethernet Status”. Click the Properties button to display the “Ethernet Properties” dialog box.

    In the window of “This connection uses the following items”, scroll down the cursor to “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” to select. Click the Properties button in the lower right of the dialog box.

    “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties” is displayed. Mark check boxes for “Use the following IP Address” and enter the IP address and Subnet Mask numbers as follows :

    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :

  • Procedure in Windows 10

    Click “Settings” on the lower left side of the start screen to open the “Settings” screen.

    Click “Networks & Internet” to display “Network & Internet” screen.

    Select “Ethernet” and click “Change adapter options” in the Related settings to open “Network connections” screen.

    Click “Ethernet” to display “Ethernet status” screen.

    Click “Properties” to open “Ethernet properties” screen.

    Select “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” in “This connection uses the following items:” dialog box and click “Properties”. The “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” screen appears.

    Mark check boxes for “Use the following IP address (S):” and enter the IP address and Subnet Mask numbers as follows:

    IP address :
    Subnet Mask :

    Select “OK” to fish the settings. Proceed to the download procedure of update program.


Newly added functions in the update program are downloaded as a package. It is not possible to designate the installation of a specific function if the update program contains a number of functions.


In case of any damage experienced by a customer when installing or using this software or any charge sent by a third party to a customer due to the damage, Vixen or their dealer do dot take responsibility unless the customer is not responsible and Vixen or their dealer was negligent.

Update History

If you perform the latest update, all the events will be improved.

Update Start Date Update Contents
  • Ver.5.00
    Applicable to the AXJ equatorial mount
    An annual variation in the apparent position of stars, which is called as the aberration of light terminologically, has been improved for more accurate position of the stars.
    Program optimization
  • Ver.4.20
    Addition of SAO star dialog box
    Addition of Flamsteed designation
    Addition of Clock adjustments
    Program corrections
    Improvement of operations
  • Expanded User Coordinates
    The numbers of celestial objects registered by using celestial coordinates is expanded from 10 to 100 new objects.
  • New option to Cross Over Meridian
    In the “Cross Over Meridian” dialog box in the “Mount Setting” menu, a point of the telescope reverse can be set on either side of meridian.
  • Saving the last cursor position
    The last cursor positions which were selected in the dialog boxes are saved for restarting at the same place. The settings are initialized if the power is turned OFF.
  • Latest celestial coordinates
    The coordinates of celestial objects are updated to the latest.
  • Program corrections
    An error which initialized the internal memory right after the “Memory Error” message which might occur rarely at booting up the STRA BOOK TEN is corrected.
  • Optimization
    Operation of the system is optimized with the result of reviewing the programs synthetically.
  • Better visibility (for Advance Unit)
    The visibility of the screen of a remote shutter release using the Advance Unit is improved.
  • Improvement of celestial data
    The location data of some NGC objects and planets are updated for improvement.
  • Program corrections (for Advance Unit)
    The program on the Advance Unit is corrected to save a camera mirror-up setting.
  • Updates Artificial Satellite Menu
    A method of calculating an orbital path of artificial satellites was reviewed to perform more accurate slewing to and tracking the artificial satellites.
  • Updates Location Indication
    It is modified that the name of location is shown entirely from beginning to end without omission in the initial setting screen directly after turning on the power.
  • Updates Parameter of Jovian Red Spot
    The longitudinal parameter of Jovian Red Spot was amended and the accuracy of indication has been improved.
  • Amendment of Program
    The following errors are amended with the new program.
    – Corrects a phenomenon that some stars are not indicated in the star chart by rare chance.
    – Corrects an error of resetting PEC count which occurs rarely during PEC recording.
  • French language is added to Setting “Language”
    Now French language can be chosen from among six different languages on the STAR BOOK TEN.
  • Saving and Reading out Setting Values
    Various settings on the STAR BOOK TEN can be saved on an SD card (sold separately). The stored data are available with the STAR BOOK TEN.
    How to save and read out the setting values
  • Saving and Reading out PEC Data
    The recoded PEC data (PPEC data) on the STAR BOOK TEN can be saved on an SD card (sold separately). The stored data are available with the STAR BOOK TEN.
    How to save and read out the PEC data
  • Saving and Reading out Data of Orbital Elements for comet, satellite and user defined object
    The registered data of the orbital elements for comet, satellite and user defined object can be saved on an SD card (sold separately). The stored data are available with the STAR BOOK TEN.
    How to save and read out the data of the orbital elements
  • Updating STAR BOOK TEN with use of an SD card
    The registered data of the orbital elements for comet, satellite and user defined object can be saved on an SD card (sold separately). The stored data are available with the STAR BOOK TEN.
    How to update with the SD card
  • Saving and Reading out Data with use of a PC
    It allows you to transfer various setting data, PEC data and orbital elements data between your STAR BOOK TEN and a PC with a LAN crossover cable connection.
    How to save and read out data files on a PC
  • Software improvement
    The icon that indicates the level of battery discharge can be seen clearer in the night vision screen.
    The motor control becomes smoother at a lower 2 or 1 setting with the motor power menu.
    An Advance Unit sold separately must be installed in your STAR BOOK TEN before you use these new functions.
  • With this update, the STAR BOOK TEN will work ASCOM application software.
    ASCOM is open standard software for controlling astronomical equipment and instruments. It allows for controls of mounts, imaging devices, focusers and domes in a unified operation environment. Various free drivers are available for a wide variety of astronomical equipment and instruments.
    Note :
    ASCOM is developed with ASCOM Standard for Astronomy and Vixen is not responsible for ASCOM. ASCOM application software is not available from Vixen. Obtain commercially available ASCOM application software.
    Installation of this update program does not mean that it runs ASCOM application software. Both a STAR BOOK TEN ASCOM driver supplied by Vixen separately and ASCOM Platform (6SP1) must be installed in your PC before you use ASCOM application software.
  • Compatibility with SXP equatorial mounts
    The STAR BOOK TEN automatically identifies the SXP mount when connected.
  • Improved appearances of planets
    Images of some planets are more accurately displayed.
    ・The appearance of the waxing and waning of Mercury and Venus is displayed.
    ・The apparent size of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn changes in relation to the zoom level of the screen.
    ・The appearance of the inclination of Saturn’s ring is displayed.
    ・The appearance of Jupiter’s stripes is improved. The approximate location of the great red spot is displayed.
    ・The four Galilean moons are displayed.
  • Improved images of a lunar eclipse
    The shadow of the earth (the area of the sun’s disc blocked by the earth) at a lunar eclipse is displayed.
  • Numerical key entry
    Every parameter in the dialog boxes which are designated by number can be entered with numerical keys.
  • Additional languages
    Languages selection is available in Italian, German and Spanish in addition to English and Japanese.
  • Improvement in the initial setting procedure
    In the “Inital Configuraton” menu, values entered in the dialog box were not saved before you advance the screen, except for “Setting local Time”. This issue has been resolved and the values are saved as you enter OK in the dialog box.